Thursday, November 2, 2017

New Irish Book and a Freebie!

If you like country love stories and fictional chicken tales, I hope you'll take a look at The Galway Girls, my 4th Village of Ballydara novel, now available! Here's more:
Irish love story

Two friends search for their heart’s desire in this small-town romantic story set in Ireland. Kerry has fallen in love all over again with her husband Stephen, and after their miscarriage, she longs to try for another baby. But will her lifelong quest of having a farm bring an end to her marriage?

Her best friend Fiona has left her free-spirited life behind her. Or so she thinks—until she finds herself caught between Dublin artist Colm, the man she was once mad about, and the sweet, youthful passion of Davie, who can see the woman she’s meant to be. Follow this warmhearted tale of women’s friendship and love lost and love found among the misty green hills of the Galway countryside! 

This novel is the sequel to Book 3, The Hopeful Romantic, with a new Ballydara heroine. It's no coincidence that many of Kerry's farm adventures in The Galway Girls have been inspired by my real-life experiences on my little farm. 

Irish romantic comedy
And if you haven't yet tried the Ballydara stories, you might take a look at It Only Takes Once, Book 1 of the series, about single motherhood, first love, and second's now  free on Amazon, Kobo, and at all other online stores