Wednesday, June 24, 2020

International Fairy Day!

Today is June 24, and that means it's time to celebrate International Fairy Day!

If you've read my Irish novels, or looked at this blog, you know I'm a big fan of fairies. And despite these difficult times we're living through, it seems a shame to let the day go by without somehow recognizing fairydom.

My big dream is to build a wee fairy garden. (Okay, my dreams are actually pretty small.) But with berry season upon us, along with all the other summer homestead gardening chores, I won't be getting to that until...someday. Kind of like the rest of my big plans.

Irish Short Story
Since someday is a ways off, in honor of today, I'm sharing my new cover of my ebook The Secret Well. It has a strong fairy thread, and it's also one of the origin stories of my upcoming Fairy Cottage mini-series. While this story has been out for some time, it's still a perfect read for a summer day!