Monday, February 1, 2021

Gardeners: Seed Ordering Time!

Seeds overlooking a wet winter garden!
It's February 1, do you know where your seeds are?

If your seed collection looks like this, you may want to get crackin' and order your spring supply! In 2020, lots of people got into food-growing for the first time, and the way I hear it, seed companies couldn't keep up with the new demand. Last spring, John and I actually couldn't find parsnip seeds anywhere, and for the first time in 10  years, we didn't have a parsnip harvest. 

Although spring seems very far away--at the moment, our beds are sodden with the winter's rain--we've already ordered our 2021 seeds. We generally go with a local organic seed company, Uprising Seeds, . In a pinch, I'll buy High Mowing organics, also carried by our community food co-op--where I also source seed potatoes. In any event, I prefer to use local seeds, since I've found you get the most vigorous plants and highest yields with seeds raised in a similar climate as your own garden!

I discuss that in detail in my Little Farm gardening guide, still available for free at your favorite local retailer...and you can also get the freebie in PDF on my website! 

Free ebook online or get the PDF!


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